QSC's Headquarters in California, USA

Company Profile  

With more than four decades in business, QSC Audio Products, LLC, is a globally recognized leader in professional audio. This prominence is the result of the company's mission to establish new standards of reliability and performance through the development of breakthrough technologies. QSC's products meet the demanding requirements of audio professionals in concert, installation, portable entertainment and cinema applications. 

QSC changed the face of amplifier technology with the introduction of the PowerLight™  switching power supply, a technological advance that significantly reduces weight and bulk while improving audio performance. PowerLight, first incorporated into the revolutionary PowerLight Series and now used in three other amplifier lines, is proof that high power can be achieved in small, lightweight packages. 

RMX Series amplifiers brought truly professional performance at breakthrough pricing to portable sound reinforcement and became the leading products in the segment. At the same time, QSC amplifiers have become the standard for the cinema industry. 

Recognizing customer needs for increasingly integrated systems, QSC has expanded beyond amplification into loudspeakers and digital signal processing and has assembled talented teams of recognized innovators and leaders to develop the elements of these systems. 

QSC loudspeaker offerings include the WideLine with astonishing acoustic quality and output from one of the smallest line-array systems available. The Installation Line Array (ILA) brought line-array benefits and unprecedented affordability to the installation market. A growing catalog of installation loudspeakers also includes the AD series of small format speakers recognized for value and accurate reproduction. Entertainers and other users of portable sound systems are able to enjoy powered speaker simplicity combined with legendary QSC reliability from K Series and KW Series. 

The company was a pioneer in computer control, digital signal processing and signal transport. QSControl™ (pronounced Q's Control), a remote audio monitoring system application, proved its performance in systems worldwide, from the world's tallest buildings (the Petronas Towers in Malaysia) to Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

Designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of large-scale applications, the Q-Sys™  integrated system platform encompasses everything from the audio input to loudspeakers and provides all the audio routing, processing, control and monitoring necessary for any facility while maintaining the audio quality and reliability QSC has come to be known for. 

QSC manufactures products in a 81,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility. The factory is located next to QSC's 51,000 square foot headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. The sophisticated electronic manufacturing facility is designed with build-to-order flexibility giving QSC unprecedented ability to respond to customer needs. This same approach is being applied to a large-scale wood-working and loudspeaker manufacturing facility located on the premises. Manufacturing, warehousing, corporate offices, engineering, technical services, and sales are all local to Costa Mesa. 

"When this company was started, there was a common commitment to creating with integrity," said former QSC CEO Barry Andrews. "That commitment has strengthened over the years. QSC products have a reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. Moving into the fully integrated systems allows us to expand that commitment into an area we feel is the future of system design." 

The exceptionally high value of QSC products is achieved through developing leading technologies, world-class manufacturing techniques, and the purchasing power possible as the world's leading amplifier producer. 

While QSC has grown from a small garage start-up to an internationally recognized leader in the pro-audio industry, the commitment to customers, partners and employees has remained strong and constant. Combining QSC's commitments to people with leading edge technologies and system integration will continue to move QSC forward.